Resources for Wildflower Identification and Conservation Opportunities

Bush Poppies en masseSince beginning the Conservancy in March 2010, I've looked for different online resources to share here that would help readers identify wildflowers.  A few are now listed below.  I will add more as I become aware of them.

I've also decided to include links to the California Native Plant Society and its various chapters so that people wishing to get involved directly in wildflower preservation and related activities can do so at the local level.  I hope you will take advantage of the opportunities to learn more about our native plants through CNPS.  I will add other noteworthy organizations as I hear of them.  Thank you. -- Kahlee


Online Wildflower Identification Resources

The US Dept. of Agriculture has a Plants Database that can be very valuable for hunting down native plants.

The Berkeley-based CalFlora is perhaps one of the most popular databases for wildflower enthusiasts.  You can search using a wide-range of criteria and narrow it down by county, plant community, elevation, etc.  It has many professional photographer-contributed images of wildflowers that are reviewed for accuracy by CalFlora and are very helpful for identification.

Santa Monica Mountains NRA has a wonderful wildflower database online.  Check it out at "Flower Finder" and other resources at Wildflowers of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Wildflowers of Southern California is a very nice assemblage of photographs and detailed information on Southern California native plants and wildflowers prepared by Michael Charter.

For Northeastern states, Wildflower Identification, has a great qiuz tool to help deduce a particular species.

eNature's Wildflower Field Guide also helps identify flowers by shape, family, region, etc.

The Flickr group Wildflower Field Guide, North America is a living and breathing resource where you can see images of identified wildflowers.  Also on Flickr, get help identifying wildflowers and all sorts of things as ID Please.


California Native Plant Society

California Native Plant Society
2707 K Street, Suite 1
Sacramento, CA 95816-5113
Phone:  (916) 447-2677  (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm)

Local CNPS Chapters:

Alta Peak
The Alta Peak Chapter covers Tulare County, with an emphasis on Sierra Nevada foothills up to Sequoia National Park and Sequoia National Forest. Contact president Joan Stewart at or 559.539.2717  Website  Newsletter

The Bristlecone Chapter covers the Owens Valley and areas to the east of the Valley. Membership extends from Bishop to Ridgecrest.  Website  Newsletter Archive

Channel Islands
The Channel Islands Chapter covers southern and eastern Santa Barbara County and the westernmost portions of the San Fernando Valley.  Website  (Newsletter suspended summer 2007. Replaced with Current Chapter Events on the Website.)

Dorothy King Young
The Dorothy King Young Chapter covers the entire coastal area of Mendocino County and the northern coast of Sonoma County. Membership includes the communities of Jenner, Gualala, Sea Ranch, Point Arena, Mendocino and Fort Bragg.  Website  Newsletter

East Bay
The East Bay Chapter covers the eastern Bay Area. Membership is spread throughout the East Bay cities.  Website  Newsletter Archive

El Dorado
The El Dorado County Chapter covers the Sierra Foothills area around Placerville.  Website  Newsletter Archive

Kern CountyThe Kern County Chapter is centered on Bakersfield.  Website  Newsletter Archive

Los Angeles-Santa Monica Mountains
The Los Angeles-Santa Monica Mountains Chapter has membership from throughout the Los Angeles Basin, Santa Monica Mountains and San Fernando Valley, with most from Los Angeles.  Website  Newsletter Archive

The Marin Chapter covers Marin County.  Website  Newsletter Archive

Milo Baker
The Milo Baker Chapter covers Sonoma County.  Website  (Latest newsletter is available on the chapter website)

Mojave Desert
The Mojave Desert Chapter covers most of the northern and eastern portions of San Bernardino County. Contact president Tim Thomas at or (760) 242-8480.  Website  (Latest newsletter is available on the chapter website)

Monterey Bay
The Monterey Bay Chapter covers Monterey and San Benito Counties.  Website  Newsletter

Mount Lassen
The Mount Lassen Chapter is centered around Chico. Contact Janna Lathrop at for additional information.  Newsletter

Napa Valley
The Napa Valley Chapter services the Napa, St. Helena, and Calistoga areas of the Napa Valley.  Website  Newsletter Archive

North Coast
The North Coast Chapter is centered on the Eureka, Arcata and McKinleyville area.  Website  (Latest newsletter is available on the chapter website)

North San Joaquin Valley
The North San Joaquin Valley Chapter represents Merced, Stanislaus, and South San Joaquin Counties. Contact James Brugger at for information. 

Orange County
The Orange County Chapter has membership from throughout the county.  Website  (Latest newsletter is available on the chapter website)

The Redbud Chapter covers Placer and Nevada Counties.  Website  Newsletter Archive

Riverside-San Bernardino
The Riverside-San Bernardino Chapter covers southwestern San Bernardino County and all of Riverside County.  Website  Newsletter  (last update March 2008)

Sacramento Valley
The Sacramento Valley Chapter includes the Sacramento, Yolo, Colusa, Sutter, Yuba and lower Placer County area.  Website  Newsletter  Stockton Sub-chapter:  Website  Newsletter

San Diego
The San Diego Chapter services San Diego and Imperial Counties.  Website  Newsletter

San Gabriel Mountains
The San Gabriel Mountains Chapter services the San Gabriel and eastern San Fernando Valleys.  Website  Newsletter Archive

The Sanhedrin Chapter is centered on Ukiah.  Website  Newsletter Article Archive

Santa Clara Valley
The Santa Clara Valley Chapter services the central and southern San Francisco Peninsula and South Bay area.  Website  (Latest newsletter is available on the chapter website)

San Luis Obispo
The San Luis Obispo Chapter services all of that county.  Website  Newsletter

Santa Cruz County
The Santa Cruz County Chapter services all of that county.  Website  Newsletter

The Sequoia Chapter services Madera and Fresno Counties. Contact Jeanne Larson at 559.243.0815 for additional information.  Information  Newsletter

Shasta Chapter is based in Redding, California, and serves Shasta, Siskiyou, Modoc, and part of Trinity and Tehama counties.  Website

Sierra Foothills
The Sierra Foothills Chapter services Tuolumne, Calaveras, Amador, and Mariposa Counties. Contact president Bob Brown at 209-928-9281.  Website  Newsletter

South Coast
The South Coast Chapter services the coastal areas near the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  Website  Newsletter

The Tahoe Chapter services the Tahoe Basin. Contact presdient Michael Hogan at or 530.525.4366. 

Willis Linn Jepson
The Willis Lynn Jepson Chapter services Solano County.  Website  (Latest newsletter is available on the chapter website)

Yerba Buena
The Yerba Buena Chapter services the City of San Francisco and northern San Mateo County.  Website  Newsletter