Wildflower of the Day

Goat's Beard in Your Face!
Goat's Beard  - Flower (Tragopogon dubius)

"Look!  Goat's Beard!"  (For Karyn...)
Goat's Beard - Buds & Seeds (Tragopogon dubius)


Wildflower of the Day Archive

In case you missed any the first time, here are the previous Wildflowers of the Day...

Beautiful backside
Tidy Tips (Layia platyglossa)

Apricot Mallow
Apricot Mallow aka Desert Globemallow (Sphaeralcea ambigua)

Magnificent Lupine
Magnificent Lupine (Lupinus magnificus)

And the Mystery Flower is...
Lemmon's Mustard (Caulanthus anceps)

Festival in Purple
Canterbury Bells (Phacelia Minor)

Loco for Locoweed
Scarlet Locoweed (Astragalus coccineus)

Hummingbird Sage
Hummingbird Sage (Salvia spathacea)

Monkey Business
Seep Monkey Flower (Mimulus Guttatus)

Above the Crowd
Blue Dicks aka "Wild Hyacinth" (dichelostemma capitatum)

Brittle Bush
Brittlebush (Encelia farinosa)

Desert Candle in the Wind
Desert Candle (Caulanthus inflatus)

Transcendent Moments
Cream Cups (Platystemon californicus)

Bejeweling the Lily
Kelley's Lily (Lilium kelleyanum)

Luscious Larkspur
Recurved Larkspur (Delphinium recurvatum)

Sun-kissed Paintbrush
 Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja affinis var. contentiosa)

Desert Gold
Desert Gold (Geraea canescens)

In the Pink...
Lewis' Monkeyflower (Mimulus lewisii)

Gotta Love Those Baby Blue Eyes!
Baby Blue Eyes (Nemophila menziesii)