Wall of Shame - The Good, The Bad and The Trampled

A Trampling We Will Go...So why be an advocate for wildflower preservation? I mean, "Hey, what's a few wildflowers. There are hundreds if not thousands of them out there. So what if I pick a few? Or crush a bunch of them underfoot so I can get a better vantage point for my photo? They'll grow back."

Damaged Slope at Cottonwood CanyonBut there are often much rarer species tucked away in these lavish displays and they may not grow back. Even large patches of more common blooms can be wiped out when hundreds of people go tromping through.

Simply Smashing...Sadly, we live in a culture where many feel our natural environment is meant for exploitation; its resources consumed until depleted, its beauty existing only to provide enjoyment on our terms. In truth, we are nature's guardians and protectors.

Time is long overdue to consider the ramifications of our interactions with the earth. Let's move beyond the need for immediate gratification. 

Picnic at a Price...

Life deserves to flourish with us; not in spite of us.

Destruction of the FlowersThank you to Bill Bouton for graciously allowing the Wildflower Conservancy to post his image, "Destruction of the Flowers" which so beautifully captures the footprints of damage.