Monday, June 7, 2010

Station Fire Burn Area Shows Signs of Recovery With Beautiful Wildflowers

Station Fire Brings a Flurry of FlowersI'm currently preparing a more detailed report on the Angeles National Forest and how it's recovering from the Station Fire last year.

In the interim, I should note that while most of the roads through the burn area have reopened to traffic, the forest itself remains closed.

Fire RainbowNo hiking or entry into the burn area is permitted. You have to drive straight through or have a business or residence in the burn area.

And that means no stopping along the highway -- not even in pullouts!

Fire FollowersI didn't know about the no stopping rule until I was driving through the forest several weeks ago, hoping to take a few pictures of the restoration.

I did so for about two hours until a U.S. Forest Service ranger came along and explained that one could not stop anywhere along the road -- even in pullouts where, ordinarily, it would be okay. FYI, the ticket can run upwards of $5,000!  Thankfully, I did not get one.

Life After Death...That said, I still highly recommend taking the drive.  It's very encouraging to see new life arise from what was essentially a lifeless landscape after the fire last September.

Big Tujunga Hillside RenaissanceJust remember if you do go, be sure to keep moving!

The Wildflower Conservancy


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