Friday, June 11, 2010

Another "Poppies-in-Peril" Update on the Proposed Fairmont Butte Racetrack

Lovers' DanceThe hearing scheduled for June 9th before the Los Angeles County Regional Planning Commission has been continued for 90 days.

This gives a bit more time to prepare and strengthen opposition to the racetrack project.  Although it looks like the Planning Commision intended to approve the re-zoning, it is not too late to raise your voice in support of the amazing expanse of poppies that will be lost if this project received the go-ahead.

A number of local environmental groups and organizations such as Cal Parks, the Antelope Valley Conservancy, etc., already are on record as opposing this development.  Save The Poppy Reserve is a great website that shows the history of this dispute as well as many ways to take action to voice your dissent for the Motorsports Park project. Other information can be found in prior posts here for May 5th and May 12th.

Two-Track to HeavenIt would also be helpful if you would add comments and even better, sign on as a Follower and make your support of the Wildflower Conservancy's goals known to the online community.  To those who have already signed on, thank you SO much!

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