Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Poppies in Peril: An Update on the Proposed Fairmont Butte Racetrack...

Serious Orange...An excellent discussion on the proposed Fairmont Butte Racetrack continues at CalPhoto eGroup on Yahoo.  Jeff Conrad and several others have suggested ways to best counter the Racetrack's attempts to get the area re-zoned.

Just so you're aware of the area in question, I've posted a short video on Flickr called Poppies in Peril... (You Can Help!). It was taken in April, 2010, and provides a panoramic view of the area that would be affected if the racetrack is allowed to build there. (My apologies for the excessive camera movement. Didn't have the tripod handy!)

If you think you can attend the hearing or lend your support in some way to those who oppose the racetrack, please read the earlier post for contact information, etc.  Thank you.

The Wildflower Conservancy


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