Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Super Bloom Year in Death Valley

Following destructive flash floods in October 2015 and periodic El Nino rains in 2016, Death Valley has been having a great wildflower year.  Below are some images from this year's adventure.

The vast fields of Desert Gold that recently received a good deal of media attention peaked in February, primarily in the southern areas of the valley.  They are gone now, but as of this writing, there are many nice displays and a diverse variety of species unfolding in higher elevations of the park.

I was fortunate to see the 1998 and 2005 "blooms-of-the-century" in Death Valley.  While not quite as spectacular as its predecessors, 2016's expansive wildflower bonanza was dubbed a "super bloom" at its finest and certainly well worth the appellation.

Seeing Death Valley decked out in Spring finery like this is one more reminder of the value of wildflower preservation on all our public lands and open spaces.  Enjoy!

Fields of Desert Gold near Ashford Mill

Desert Gold up close and personal

Belly flowers near Artist Drive

Blooming bajada near Badwater

A view of Badwater from Warm Springs Road

Desert Gold's alluvial fan club along Badwater Road

Brown-eyed Evening Primrose

Leaning into the sun

Brittlebush along Warm Springs Road

Encelia read for its closeup

Desert Five-Spot is always a treasure

Golden Evening Primrose basking in the sun

Gravel Ghost

Gravel Ghost dancing on Harry Wade Road

Jubilee Pass looking back up the Valley

Desert Gold languishing at the base of petrified sand dunes

More Desert Gold in them thar hills!

More belly flowers along Artist Drive


One of the more interesting vistas along Badwater Road

Wildflower pathway near Ashford Mill

Sand Verbena flirting with Desert Gold

Wildflower heaven on a 4x4 road

Decadent dune displays

On the trail to wildflower heaven

View from my campsite on Warm Springs Road

Sunday, May 12, 2013

More Glorious Wildflower Landscapes from Spring 2013...

This is a year when precious water has been at a minimum throughout California.  Still, here and there, wildflowers have been determined to put on a Spring show.  The dedicated wildflower enthusiast just needs to listen to reports, study the weather and go for it!

From Bear Mountain Road in the Tehachapi foothills outside of Bakersfield to the roads leading into and out of Yosemite Valley, Mom Nature has still managed to give us a nice taste of Spring.  Here are some images from my wildflower journeys this year...

Foresta Reverie

Lupine Dance

Lupine Spikes

Foresta Lupine

Deer Brush

Lower Cascade Fall

Doggone Gorgeous Kennel Full of Dogwoods

Sky Lupine at Wawona

Wildflower Dreams 2013

Owl's Clover

Salad Days

Jewelflower Dancing

Close Up of Blue Dicks

Standing Out Among the Flowers

Spring Cheetos in Bloom

Sun Worshippers

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Wildflower Heaven in an Otherwise Drought Year...

Wildflowers are opportunists.  Even in years of drought, they will do their best to put on a show.  I haven't been able to devote as much time this year to reports, etc., but here are a couple of recent images reflecting this year's Spring in the Central Valley area of California.  Definitely vistas worth preserving...

Magical sunset over Bakersfield...

Bear Mountain Beauty...

So much beauty...

 Wildflower Sunset

Hawk on a rock, dining among the flowers...

 Hawk on a Rock...

 Another golden sunset from the Arvin Hills...

Golden Sunset from the Arvin Hills

 Heaven's highbeams spotlight a field of fiddleneck...

High Beams on Wildflowers

Last light on the flower-covered hills...

Last Light on the Wildflowers

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Feature: Wildflower of the Day...

We have a new page on the Wildflower Conservancy website.  It features an image of a different wildflower species each day and includes both its common and Latin names.  This is an easy way to learn the names of our beautiful wildflowers. 

Here are a few of our first Wildflowers of the Day...

Pretty in Pink
Showy Gilia (Gilia cana)

Transcendent Moments
Cream Cups (Platystemon californicus)

Luscious Larkspur
Recurved Larkspur (Delphinium recurvatum)

Sun-kissed Paintbrush
 Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja affinis var. contentiosa)

Desert Gold
Desert Gold (Geraea canescens)

In the Pink...
Lewis' Monkeyflower (Mimulus lewisii)

Gotta Love Those Baby Blue Eyes!
Baby Blue Eyes (Nemophila menziesii)